Gas Oven Tandoor

Gas Oven Tandoor

Gas Oven Tandoor

Natholi Ram & Sons is a top Gas Oven Tandoor Manufacturers in Delhi. It is a kitchen Equipment used to make Tandoori vegetables, kebabs, paneer tikka, Roasted chicken, Tandoori Roti’s, and a countless number of food items. We are the most trusted and promising Suppliers of Gas Oven Tandoor in India. Our Gas Tandoor is durable and gives ease of cooking to everyone. It can be made compatible for any type of gas as required by the regulatory authorities

As a leading Stainess Steel Round Gas Oven Tandoor Manufacturer in New Delhi. It has a durable Layer of stainless steel outside which makes it rust resistant and glossy and mild steel inside for better heat retention and durability. Our Drum Tandoor is not only premium and durable but affordable so you don’t have to compromise between price and quality.

As a known Mild Steel Gas Oven Tandoor Exporters and Suppliers in India. For brilliant products which not only enhance the taste of the food but also help to provide a safe cooking experience. We provide Gas Fired Pizza Oven for various Restaurants and Hotels. Apart from commercial use, our Gas oven Tandoor has a separate huge demand in domestic Kitchens. We have a wide range of Tandoors products including-Clay Tandoor, Iron tandoor, Steel Tandoor, Home Tandoor, etc.

Size Chart:

Length Width Height with wheels
28 28 36
30 30 36
32 32 37
34 34 37
36 36 37

All measurements are in inches* Sizes can be modified as per the requirement as well*

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